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Lynn27 pain story

Hi Everyone

My name is Lynn and I'm new to this community. I discovered this message board about a week ago and have been reading just about everyone's CP story. I'm so glad I found this site.

I had a cervical fusion in 1993 c5/c6 without hardware, I just had another fusion 1/9/08, c6/c7 with hardware. I was doing pretty good after the surgery, then at the end of March I started to experience alot of pain again. I went to the ortho for my final checkup and he said the fusion healed just fine. I asked why I am in so much pain, he said "well you have alot of mileage on your neck". What??!! Now it's the beginning of June and I'm in agony. I work 40 hrs a week in front of a computer and can just about stand it. I'm taking vacation time to stay home and rest. Fortunately, I am on pain management. I have been on pm for a little over a year. I was just perscribed the fentanyl patch 25 mcg every 48 hrs. about a week ago. I also take 4 10/325 percocets per day for bt pain. The patch is working for about 24 hrs and that's it. I had high hopes that this surgery would relieve my pain, but now it's worse that before surgery. My quality of life has changed considerably. I can just about keep my house clean. I don't go out with friends anymore because I can't take the pain and don't want to be complaining about pain every time. Also, my friends look down their nose at the pain meds I'm taking. I don't get high from them, I'm not walking aroung like a zombie and I function very well at work.

They say, "you're addicted". My husband was starting that nonsense too for a while, now he is being much more supportive. I hope they never have to experience what I and many of you are going through. I have an appt with the nuerosurgeon on 6/16. I hope they can find out what is causing this. I hope there is a solution. I don't think I should be in this much pain.

I'm so glad I found this message board. It's good to know that other people understand what I'm going through. Many of you are so much worse off than I am. I give you all alot of credit for trying to feel better. It's a daily struggle and it's good to have someone I can talk to.

It's been great to meet all of you, and I will be checking the board frequently to see how you all are doing.

Thanks for listening


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