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Confused on test results

I've been having a problem with my head. Things slow down and I sort of get stuck. So, my doctor sent me for this EEG thing. His office called and said they were abnormal and now I have to see a neuologist. Could this be seizures? The test results confuse me. Can anyone tell me what they mean?
the say: "The posterior regions of the head contain a low to medium amplitude, fairly well sustained, irregular primarily 9-10 Hz activity is also present. The posterior dominant rhythm does attenuate with eye opening. Frontal and central regions of the head contain continuous symmetric low to moderate amplitude irregular activity. This consists of low voltage fast activity low to medium amplitude 9-10 Hz activity and occasional low amplitude intermixed 8-9 Hz activity. During the recording, there are no focal or lateralizing features present. During the recording, the patient does exhibit occasional moderate to high amplitude bilateral paroxysmal slowing. This consists of high amplitude 2-3 Hz activity which lasts for several seconds. No clinical changes have been noted in the patient by the technician during this very brief activity." Then it says: Impression: "This EEG is abnormal because of recurrent high amplitude bilateral transient paroxysmal slowing as described above. This is not a specific or diagnostic finding. This may be seen in any condition that affects the brain in a diffuse manner. The clinical significance or this is not known and clinical correlation is required. There is no focal, lateralizing or epileptiform features present." What does this mean???

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