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Re: Ssi Back Pay For Children (dedicated Account)

Yea, it a new thing they just started a few years back. from what I understand they are doing it b/c the fact is parents of children SSI would use the money for themselves and not for the disabled child. But you can use the money to buy clothes for your child, pay for camp for her, pay for gas to take her to the doctor, school (most ppl with BP have anxiety) supplies for her, (I have BP and I have a light box). Also, if there is a program that state medicaide will not pay for you can use it for that. My little girl as aspergers, and when she was collecting SSI, I sent her to a special camp for kids with AS. She also had a speech delay, I was able to buy her an computer with lot's of speech software. I do not know how old your girl is, but you can buy books, drawing paper, journals (to keep track of her moods) but you have to tie it to her bipolar disorder. They all have to be written out in checks with all your recpcits
They was SSA sees it, it your job anyway to provide food, shelter, lights etc!
besides if she is getting SSI she may be able to get food stamps also.
if you look on the SSA website, click understanding SSI, and go to SSI for children they have it all there.

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