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Re: giving it another try

Ping, first good morning, and welcome to the board.

You found a good place in coming here. We are definetly all supportive of each other here; you will find that there is much experience with what you are going thru right now and with that can come much inspiration to help you get clean from the opiates that hold you hostage.

I know, I've been right there where you are with the opiates and by the grace of God and with help from folks here I am now over 2 months clean from those devil pills.

By admitting that you have a problem with the oxys you have made a great start. You need to make a plan and stick to it. I would suggest a slow taper.Write down a plan, and stick to it. I find that most dont have the greatest luck quitting cold turkey, especially off of a strong opiate like Ocycontin.

Keep posting, read alot here and make a plan. Keep us posted on your progress. I think you'll find it helps so much to post your thoughts here. It takes a load off your chest, and you can get so much info here, and you will find that folks here are very ready to help you thru this, and get your life back on track, the way it should and need to be.

You can do this.

Again, welcome.