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Re: giving it another try

I appreciate the support from all. I am currently on day 6 of my latest attempt at clean living. Ive had many day sixes throughout my numerous attempts at stopping but i must say that I realy feel good about this time. As I previously mentioned I have been on a suboxone program and the thought of using has not really been on my mind too much. I know this is not a permanent thing but it has made it a little easier thus far. I feel pretty good otherwise, I have been working out again and I have also been reading a lot and i think this is what has kept my mind off of using. In one of my recent posts I mentioned that I dont know why when I feel so great not using, I ever go back to it again. I guess this just speaks volumes as to how strong addiction can be. I thik the support from this site and knowing that peopole are reading what I write is very helpful and I encourage anyone whos out there to please comment. thank you once again, I dont know if you guys know how helpful it is to hear from other people who have been through this. I no longer feel so alone and isolated with this problem of mine. thanks.