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Re: Need support

Does anyone else get these vibration sensations under their skin when sitting still or as you are waking up? It is like my flesh is quivering under my skin.
The descriptions of the sensations are so hard for all of us to put words too!
Perhaps you are talking about the sensations of Paresthesia.
Here's a link for the National Library of Medicine about that.

I tend to call mine the "creepy crawlies" of "Bugs crawling all over my skin"

I do not have the extreme problems you have with your PN.
I have to say my PN is VERY mild compared to most of the what others on these boards expience. Mine is idiopathic but "mostly" under control simply by a very very small dose generic Neurontin. So many people have such bad problems with PN, that I feel very lucky.

I do hope you find an answer.