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Has anyone ever had Facet Nerve Injections - need advice re Pain Management Please

Thank you to those following my posts - I could really use some feedback. I posted yesterday (I was overwhelmed) that the new PM doctor (anesthesiologist) recommends two facet nerve injections. He said that he would burn the nerves and I would be pain free for 6 months. He sad nerves do grow back but that "they don't teach you that in med school". Do nerves grow back?

I then visited the holistic osteo tonight. She doesn't want to label me but said I'm out of alignment and she'll work towards getting me aligned which is the more conservative route. She performed another myfacsial release and also put some electrodes (like acupuncture) in the sciatic nerve/muscle to "collapse it" to give me a few days of relief. I feel lower back pain of about a 6, but I feel pretty good overall.

I recapped to the Osteo my PM visit of yesterday regarding the facet joint injections. She said that perhaps I should think about non-invasive procedures (stick with her) and she'll let me know if a month or so if it's working or not.

I then came home and my GP finally left a message. I've asked my GP to "call the shots" and coordinate this for me. He received the report from the PM doctor I visited yesterday and thinks I should try it. He said he has seen success with facet injections in 75% of his patients. I have not yet had a chance to update him re my osteo/myofascial pain visits but will tomorrow.

After talking to my husband (and to the osteo), we think it is probably best to:
1. stay with the manipulate therapy until school starts again in September.

2. if I don't feel any improvement by September to move forward with the facet injections in September. The PM doctor said I'ld be on my feet within 24 hours.

The PM doctor did say if the injections didn't work, he would recommend a fusion of L4/L5 and S1 (I think I have that right). But that is "remote". Additionally, this PM doctor is out of my network so I'll have to find one in my network because even though all the hospital bills would be in network, the PM doctors are not in network. Do you think an Othropedic doctor can do facet injections? My out of pocket cap is $4K and we don't have $4K though I'm unsure what this will al cost in any event.
Thank you. I realize this is a lot of questions and I would appreciate any feedback. I also plan to look up the doctor that Cmpgrrl recommended but I can't spell it. And, I'm researching on line as well but I figured the best advice will come here.
Many thanks


Can anyone share their views or experiene? Thank you - I'ld be really grateful - I'm also trying to reseach on line as well.

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