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Re: Has anyone ever had Facet Nerve Injections - need advice re Pain Management Pleas

Phew, thanks Juliet. I was afraid I wouldn't hear from anyone due to being banned - I am upset that I upset someone.

Thank you for being honest. I have been reading and I do see that they can fail and did read about scar tissue and, quite frankly, that doctor got the report over mighty quickl - less than 24 hours. I am seriously feeling pressured (my own pressure). I wouldn't stay with these Pain Specialists because I can't afford them so I'll have to get a recommendation from my GP or find someone on line and then interview them.

None of this is affecting my 3 percocets from my 70 yo doctor but they aren't cutting the pain anyway so what do I have to lose, I also ask myself. Well, 1 in 4 is not a great % but 7 months or so would be nice to have no pain.

I have to talk to my GP in depth. I'll ask him to take over the Pain Meds (whatever kind I need though I've taken Celebrex before and it didn't help anymore than Advil OTC does.

Wow, 12 of them! Here I am worried about 2. I don't want to appease any of te doctors, I really just want help. I may ask my GP to refer me out again until I make up my mind if he won't take over my Pain Meds. I don't want to look like I'm avoiding help either but it's all changed from one dx to another and like everyone else the pain is well painful.

You're very kind to me and I appreciate your feedback. Wishing you a good day tomorrow ,
Thank you again.