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Re: Has anyone ever had Facet Nerve Injections - need advice re Pain Management Pleas

No worries, Tara, I think getting another opinion is a great idea. 12 was not a great idea and I don't believe that my pm had my best interests at heart when he did these - sounds awful but that's the way it is. My new PM is great and he doesn't believe the side effects are worth it in my case.

Hey, question for you, what have you got to lose? One try and see how it goes. Get a new pm for cost reasons and see how you go. One is not going to do any damage and they don't hurt. My pain is nerve pain, different to yours, I think - from the sounds of it, you might get some real relief. In which case, give it a go...then you'll know. It's a very low risk procedure too - especially in your lumbar.

Please stop being sad, you didn't offend anyone - unless someone complained, and if they did, well, you're in pain and you're going through hell right now, you made a mistake, apologised - it's time for everyone to move on. Saying the wrong thing once, does not a bad person make. You'll get lots of replies Tara, you're a lovely person.