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believe me randall,my really great NS really didn;t tell me a whole lot either and part of that is there are just so many 'unknowns" that they don;t want to tell you something that may or may not actually occur there,you know what i mean? what i happened to learn about spinal cord damage came AFTER my damage was done and i started having really off the wall undescribable 'things' happening to my body. but your symptoms do fit with some level of cord contact and or possible compression damage? it really is too difficult to say just what will or wont still be there after your surgery,but personally,i do think,considering everything you have going on that you are probably doing the best possible thing for yourself by having that surgery. any affectation of your actual cord can just become worse than it is now without relieveing whatever is casuing that affectation,ya know?

it really would be most helpful for me(to give you info on your level of affectation) to see that MRI report summary once you get your hands on it. you just really need to keep all copies of all test results and your own medical records too. they just are needed at certain times. after your surgery too,obtain the op notes and all the hospital records as well. this will tell you just what they did and what took place during your surgery. when is your surgery actually scheduled for? if you have anymore questions,feel free to ask randall. **
3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
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