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Recent seizure/ severere mold exposure


I had a pretty major seizure recently at work. I had mild epilepsy as a child but have been seizure free and off any medication for over 20 years. It was quite a shock since it had been so long and I live a health life. Not a drug user, I rarely drink and keep in shape
Went to see a neurologist shortly after and he found it very strange to be seizure free for so long and then to have such a major seizure. He ran an EEG showed no seizure activity and really could not explain why or what may of triggered it. Said it was uncommon to be seizure free for so long and then have it happen
Recently my employer received a letter from OCIA because a complaint was filed by some one else because of a leaking roof and the presence of mold. People had reported developing asthma and other breathing problems
The building I work in is old and falling apart and my boss is pretty cheap to do anything that might cost money, My office for the past for 4 years was on the top floor where the leaking was the worst and the top floor was the only one that had a rug making mold etc worse. I have a small office and I would often work with the door closed which thru my recent reading can make it worse because it traps it in. Itís a very old building and any heavy rain they would just put buckets down and they did this for years my employer would just blame it on the landlord nothing would ever get done. The smell was awful and uncomfortable but I just never knew that it could cause health problems
I think my employer was smarter than me because the next day they moved my office down stairs. I have not had a second seizure which occurred end of March and my 2nd eeg worked out fine. After it happened my bosses husband Todd, who is a doctor referred me to his to his golfing buddy who I is a legitimate neurologist. The nueroolgist saw me quickly after my seizure.
Once the letter came to light I had an appointment with him and asked him about my concerns with mold and he said their was absolutely no connection between the mold exposure and my seizure. This contradicted multiple legitimate sources stating that prolonged exposure to mold can provoke a seizure. So the fact he said it was not even a possibility surprised me.
I later found out that my boss husband got a copy of medical records with out my consent. When I approached my neurogist about this he said he never did and got defensive about it. I knew that was not true because Todd told me that he reviewed my report and had gotten from my neurogist saying he did it because he wanted to help if he could.
All this information has come to light recently. Im going to try to get a second opinion because im getting the feeling that my nuerogist may not be 100% objective because of his personal friendship with my employer and just over feeling I was getting from him
Until I saw the Ocia letter I had no idea that mold can be harmful im simply very ignorant when it comes to those things.
Questions and advise: Is it realistic that the presence of mold and the work environment I explained could of caused or provoked a seizure?
Advise: What should I do? Because of the seizure I canít drive for six months so simply changing jobs is not easy. And Iíve addressed the need for a mold test and he is not going to do anything. Iím not looking for someone to blame for my seizure if indeed it wasnít anyones fault but I just canít seem to get straight answers. And I no longer feel comfortable with my neurogist
Just really uncertain of what to do.

PS sorry for poor grammer and spelling

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