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Re: Seizure/Mold

Have you considered going in from the allergist side to diagnose your problems? See if your GP can give you a name of a doctor that treats allergies and speak to that person about your reaction to mold causing a "seizure like episode" and explain your not being on meds and not having seizures.

Does that sound like a valid idea?

As well you may want to find a new Epileptologist (epilepsy focused/trained neurologist) or neurologist if you are uncomfortable with the last two you visited.

If the company you work for does not own it (the office space) you can do some hunting on your own to see about mold test kits. Most likely they have to stay for a duration and be sent in to a lab. If you can do it on your own, the weekend (friday pick it up monday) would be the longest time it could go undisturbed (put a note on it so cleaning does not touch it). Also you would need to set up multiple units around the office area (corners, center) to try to obtain a valid reading that would not be ignored. Lab testing costs are not cheap is the only down side. SO do your research before you act.