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Re: want to help a friend

I have only started talking to her 'properly' (other than just hey, how you doing?) in the last month and a half..tis a long story about how we got talking more.but we basically started talking more and the more we talked the more things came out. i have no reason in my mind not to trust her, she is a gd friend. she has asked what i think about it, and what to do..i suggested the doctors but she has had past experiences, which i know are true, at doctors for her to fear them. She has said that only a few people know of what's going on. I want to help her without her thinking I've become 'one of the others'

Originally Posted by pendulum View Post
What sort of surprises me is that being her friend you had never noticed this before, had you? Do you think she has told those things only to you, and to nobody else? I would understand her better if she were asking you for help, but it sounds strange that she is simply telling you these things and apparently asking no feedback.

Ok, call me the Devil's Advocate or the Doubting Thomas, but can you really trust this person? Isn't she giving you an extra burden with these revelations? How close a friend are you? Hasn't she got a family?

Excuse me, but I would be really confounded by her account, and perhaps I would try to check the truth of it, ok, by urging her to see a clinical doctor and possibly coming along with her.