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Re: want to help a friend

I have a friend who is schizophrenic and suffers from frequent delusions. She has been in and out of the hospital frequently due to her "voices" telling her to jump off the closest bridge. For real, she is very sick and it breaks my heart. Because when she is lucid, and we talk about stuff, she's just like the old her, the one I've known all my life. But when she's in the middle of one of her "episodes", she scares me with the things she says. She has tried all different kinds of medicines and they finally decided to give her electroshock therapy. I guess it's working, from what she tells me, because she says she feels like the episodes aren't as frequent anymore. But her short term memory has been affected by the therapy so she doesn't remember some things and that is kind of strange. point for telling you about my friend is that the only way you can really be there for her is just to be there for her. And don't try to treat her on your own because I can tell you there's nothing you can ever do to help her. And there will be times when she will say things that will be hurtful toward you or make you very upset, but you just need to realize that it's not anything against you personally, it's because this illness causes people to say very outrageous things. And until she gets it under control, it's going to be a long road to recovery. Even then, she might have some kind of episodes that come up unexpectedly and all you can do is just try to be supportive and don't turn your back on her. Because I'm sure a lot of her "friends" will probably do just that when they find out she is schizophrenic. People get uncomfortable with it, so they run away. But if you're her true friend, you'll still be there for her, even when everyone else has abandoned her.