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steroids/prednisone before possible surgery? advice please.

Hi, I see my Neurosurgeon in 2 weeks, and wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get me into surgery as soon as he can, mainly because I've been almost bedridden for 4 months with pretty severe symptoms from my cervical spine problems.
I went to my GP last week, to say I needed some kind of help to get me through the next few weeks, because the pain and vertigo and arm and hand symptoms are sometimes more than I can cope with at all.
He gave me a course of Prednisone tablets, but I'm very reluctant to take them, because I understand they lower your immunity to infection.
I don't want the surgeon to put off surgery because I've been on steroids, and I certainly don't want to go in for spinal surgery with an increased risk of infection.
My big question is this. Is it worth putting up with the horrible symptoms for a few more weeks, by avoiding the prednisone, or should I take them, even though I may be having surgery in the near future.
Thanks so much for any advice.

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