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Re: cervical dysplasia: Cryosurgery vs. laser ablation?

Hi Greenfairy! I'm not sure about cryosurgery or ablation.

I *do* know that if you go for a second opinion(which I what I think you are asking about at the end of your message) you would have your first doctor send his/her notes, biopsy/pathology reports, and possibly the slides/images from any tests he/she has performed. That way the second doctor doesn't have to retest the same things. The second doctor might want some additional tests, but those results should be shared with any doctor you request they be shared with.

Since you are so young, you need to be sure to let your doctor know if you are desiring preserving your fertility. That will help you and your doctor make the best decisions.

You sound anxious, which is understandable. If you aren't totally sure as to why you are having the procedure you are having, either get back to that doctor and ask more questions (if you are comfortable with him/her) OR get a second opinion. After the second opinion, you can decide who will do your procedure: doctor 1, doctor 2, or go for doctor 3 (if insurance will cover it - or if you feel you need it).

I think many doctors agree on procedures, but some have preferred procedures, or they are more skilled at certain procedures.

For example, I had a cold knife cone biopsy. Most people (from what I've read on this board) have a LEEP. The LEEP has a more rapid healing, and I think takes less of the cervix, but it doesn't preserve the margin on the tissue sample like a cold knife cone biopsy can. Since my doctors strongly suspected cervical cancer for me, we went with the cold knife. Later, I learned the doctor basically did a LEEP after the cone to singe the edges of the tissue to speed healing.

I don't know if I've answered any of your questions. I hope I have offered some suggestions though on second opinions.

Let us know how things go!