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Re: My boyfriend lost best friend and dad in last 6 weeks

Hi Tracie,

Thanks so much for your very thoughtful reply. You're right, some very close similarities in your situation, thank you for sharing. It definitely helps to know that, especially about the timing in the relationship to the deaths, and that you know what it sounds like to hear his voice from the "cave". Oh, I cried when I read it took two years for your boyfriend to get through the depression, for him, but also because you were there for him (bittersweet). You sound so much wiser than your years (I'm guessing your years!), you must be an unusually perceptive and compassionate person, and I'll bet your guy knows that. My boyfriend and I have both talked about the blessing of it being summertime too, we certainly do appreciate the warmer and longer days; it makes it so much easier to stay in contact and not be isolated, and to be surrounded by the colorful beauty of the season. Thank you again, so very much. You've really helped me understand alot more by seeing the bigger picture and I can have less misgivings and more giving.

God Bless You!