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Smile Re: Post partum depression/extreme baby blues?

I am currently pregnant with my 5th baby. Yes, I'm crazy! lol I suffer from terrible ppd. My first...not so bad...just bluesy, mostly. My second? I was terrible! I never hurt or wanted to hurt him, but I had extreme bonding issues (didn't want him, etc.) I know that sounds horrible and I am ashamed of it even now. Of course now I wouldn't trade him for the world! Anyhow, I mentioned it to the doctor (though I was scared to) and he put me on Paxil. Well, that was awful, for me anyhow. I felt nothing. I was numb. Terrible. So after several months I discontinued it. Things eventually got better, thankfully. And my ppd seems to last about a year so it really took a while to bounce back. When #3 decided to make her debut in my belly, I got myself together and told the doctor my ppd history (diff doc.) She understood immediately! I was started to Wellbutrin in my third tri. It had time to kick in before her birth. I was a new woman! I felt great. Well, I felt "normal!" I didn't feel anything bad or good (meaning it was not like the numbness of Paxil...I was myself) and was able finally to enjoy my new baby! Number 4 was a basic repeat, medication-wise, of number 3. And this one will be no different. I continue taking Wellbutrin for approx. a year pp. This is just works for me and my story and I just thought I'd share.

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