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Re: New to this board - Bone Spur

Hi and welcome to the boards they really can be a lifesaver.Iam not a dr. but i cant stress enough to stay away from chiro with a neck condition,they can be very useful for some problems but with your delicate condition they can make matters much worse.iam so sorry you are dealing with this with children i dont know how you are managing,iam so thankful i had my children when i was young,because i know i couldnt do it now.I see where you said you had one esi shot and did get relief,i was told to try 3 before shooting them down,i have had alot of trouble with the shots but i have also had some relief,ive been advised to try everything before surgery,remember this is just an opinion but iam scared to death of that.if you had surgery would you have help with your children?because you will dfinately need help.some people are very independent and can manage on their own but with 6 kids you will need help.there are a lot of people on these boards that can give you more information,i just wanted to tell you that iam sorry for your pain and there is always some one on these boards with more knowledge.hang in there you will get more responses from people who know more than me.thinking and praying for the best. marywoo