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Re: Mental confusion with cervical problems

Sammy wow,we do have alot in common,my son was diagnosed with ADHD,when he was 7 and honestly at the time i thought the teachers were crazy,but over the years not only do i beleave it it but i think it runs in my and my husbands family,i had it with hyperactivity and my husband without the hyperactivity.i think that has something to do with my condition now,i feel like i burnt myself out my daughter was not diagnosed but now that i have all this time i think she has certain symtoms,that went unnoticed,of course i feel guilty for that.sorry to get off subject anyway years ago i had numbness down my left arm and my fingers would start to seperate,running them under hot water seemed to do the trick,now i realize that was probably this disc thats pressing against my spinal cord,i never would have suspected my neck not in a million years,so i cant blame my dr for not checking my neck i never complained about neck pain,but i think this might be part of my mental confusion,although i was never the sharpest tool in the shed LOL.sammy try to remember when you were younger and put the puzzle pieces together,now i recall every trauma to my body going way back,and some people say you dont need to know but i did,i also have to write lists and then i forget to bring them.i have not been out of my house except for drs appt.and have not always kept them,if its raining i just cant stand the pain.i feel like i can get better but have to be careful and you too please be careful with yourself alot of this stuff i broght on myself by being a last episode was brought on by an epilitical machine,i never want to see one of those again,ha ha ha.but i will start walking again but i will take my time and not let others push me.tell me more about yourself sammy if you dont mind,iam fascinated by ADHA you are one of the few people who have the honesty to say it like it is and i admire that.theres nothing wrong with people with ADHD they just have way more energy than most.Did you have mri of your neck ?sorry to ramble sammy its just nice to find someone who truly can ask me any thing i will tell you the truth i feel like my flaws are what makes me unique and my husband says there cute,i hope he still feels this way in a few years because i can see where this would get old.have a great day sammy and dont worry about making lists,you are not alone. marywoo