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Re: DVT (deep vein thrombosis) blood clot

Hi BP--
Bad news if you are anything like me-- your leg will probably swell quite often. It has only been six months so that is part of the reason it is still swollen. I am not sure if anyone explained this (and if so-- sorry) but the clot doesn't disolve totally-- think of it jsut being hollowed out-- allowing blood to flow through. There is a flap int he vein that should close and not allow the blood to go back down into your leg. Unfortunately, your clot sounds like mine and in my case, the flap in that vein was damaged. BUT-- don't lose hope yet. I am thinking you may feel a bit frustrated and hopeless, but I have been all over, go to the gym daily, run, and am very active (with the swollen leg). I have pasted my story below so you can see it. I have had this for 11 years and will be on coumadin for the remainder of my life unless they find a cure to the cardiolipid blood disorder. Like I said before, it has only been 6 months. Give your body time to heal. In the meantime, get the pressure knee highs. You do not need a prescription and they cost about $32 a pair. I am not saying sport around town in them with shorts on or anything, but they def help. I jsut recently got them and really wish I was told about them when I had my first DVT 11 years ago. I believe the swelling in my leg today would be so much better. BTW-- the swelling will get better with time. At least you don't have to wear skirts and dresses with what I now refer to as my "***** Pig" leg. Good luck and keep the faith!

I was on the pill from 16 to 21 then developed what I thought was a sprain. After walking around on it and nursing it for a month, I finally went to my college's health center only to be rushed to the local hospital. I began working at a major ivy league university and seeing doctors upon doctors and really received excellent care, but no one could tell me what the actual problem was. I changed doctors about three years ago and my new GP sent me to a fantastic hem. In all honesty, I travel oftenm stretch my legs on long trips (plan, train, and car) and am kind to my system by wearing the prescribed knee highs when I can. I only got those in the last few weeks as I developed a clot in a superficial vein (unrelated to my condition-- I am a teacher and anyone on their feet often can develop the sup. clot). I cannot believe that I was never prescribed these before now. I don't wear them know (summer) but will put them on when I get home or even overnight sometimes. If you are hiking and flying, this may help you.