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Cat scratch, developing symptoms similar to rabies?

Hello everyone.

First off, let me inform everyone that I come from a country which doesn't have much advanced health facilities. So naturally, animals roaming in streets or even pets are not vaccinated.

Almost 2 weeks ago, a cat scratched the palm of my left hand. I did knew a bit about rabies, and I quickly washed off the scratched area with some anti-septic soap and water. I don't think it worked however.

Now about a week ago, I developed mild fever along with flu. I did not pay much attention to it and took a few anti biotics, hoping it would fix it. But unfortunately, that developed into strong fever about a day ago (103 F). I have been taking influenza and fever medicines (certain antibiotics that always helped me get through fevers in the past). But now I have severe pain in the whole of my left arm, right up to the shoulder. I cannot outstretch the palm of my left hand completely, it's too painful. And I have developed small bumps on my left arm as well which seems like blood clots. The medicine called "Postan" helps lower the fever temporarily.

Is this rabies? Is there any chance of my survival now? Or am I overreacting and thinking way too much?

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