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Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?

Mary, how funny, I am in my 40s to & often joke about joining the senior center.
I just feel so old, I limp in the morning & can barely use my arms, I can just imagine how I look to others.
Those headaches are god awful, they are not you usual headaches. Hard to describe The pain just kind of engulfs your entire head. Its so painful to even move it at all. My pain meds did nothing for it. For me at times it hurt just to blink my eyes. you just want to lay there & not move the head at all. KInd of like your whole head is in a vice & someone is squeezing it. At times I could just feel it was coming from the neck. I got to the point I would let the PT touch my neck at all. I am going to look up a headache called cervogenic that was mentioned on the PM board, do the same & see if it sounds like what may be going on with you. I know out of all the pain I hate headaches you just cant function at all. Nothing I did would get rid of it. I just laid with ice or heat & prayed for sleep. They usually went away on their own, except for the one I had the tirgger point injections for. Did it say they could be brought on by your procedure?
I hope I dont get anything like that, I cant deal with the headache stuff. Had migraines in the past that put me in the hospital & they scare me more then this pain I have now.
I know what you mean about friends not understanding. I have come to the conclusion that I cant expect anyone to, because I probably could not have understood a whole lot unless I experianced it myself. I would have been sympathetic but lets face it hard to even describe whats going on most of the time. My husband I think understands the most when he sees how hard & how little I can move some mornings. He got up this morning & woke me up to take my meds before I got out of bed. I just think he cant stand to see me cry. Its hard. I have a new friend who has chronic pain & it is nice to have someone who understands completley & has no expectations of you. In fact she uses the boards. I feel blessed to have met her & she has my understanding in return. Its nice to not have to try to explain at times why you cant do this or that. It does help alot to know there is someone who can identify. I had my sister in law but she passed away recently & I miss her so, she & I would share our feelings & joke about it, I have felt kind of abandoned, which is selfish of me. God works in mysterious ways because then came along my new friend. God must know I am a wimp & need someone who understands (lol). I am here for you & I hope those headaches go away, perhaps rubbing your neck with something or ice/moist heat. Take it easy & I will pray you get relief. I know how you feel. Let me know how your doing. Sammy