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Re: Happy 4th

hi Janet...i hope you have a merry 4th of July today,and a safe one...i have to work today and will be a busy day too..i've been reading my pension book
to find out what will be the better route for me,retirement or disability,so i can let my neurologist know this,for when she makes out her report she knows how to word it...looks like i'd be better for her to write it as to disabililty,because early retirement for me would be age 55,and that would be
a decreased amount,but a disability pension would be like full retirement(no decreased amount),and too,if i cant make it to age 55 or older,i've got a way
out by going on disability..and right now i take each day as it comes,no way of knowing i could make it to retirement age ya know,a lot can happen between now and then too..and she's already thinking i wont make it much longer than the year and a half i want to go..

carolyn,i so agree with janet that you should go to that Post-Polio Institute also,since you have one there,and they will help with a treatment for you too...if i had one around me,i'd have not even messed with these other doctors first,other than getting that blood work done,to rule out other causes...

ronnie,phyllis,i hope you're both doing well too...cheryl