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Re: Burning Of Nerves Any Advice?

Mary, I am where I am today because of misdiagnosis to, so I understand. Dont know if I mentioned that, makes me so angry. I have permanant myofascial damage due to all the misdiagnosising. I cant believe the doctor knows your in this pain & is going to leave it at that. Must be your PCP or GP, most of them will only prescribe so many pain meds & if you have been on them for any length of time then yes your body is probably addicted.
So that is wrong for the doctor to handle it that way. Who is doing the burning? One of your doctors should be able to give you your medicine. Go on the Pain managment board & put a thread up, they will advice you on how to handle that on. Wonderful, knowlegdable people there. Do you have a PM doctor? That is where you need to be.

I take percocet, tried all the others & when the pain became chronic & could not move my arm had to go on the perc. If they took my medication away I would probably have a heart attack. I was in ER so much it was unreal, my heart rate & other vitals would skyrocket & I would have dry heaves in the mornings from the pain. I get alot of chest pain from this problem, we are hoping it is coming from the c or t spine & not muscle damage. So many doctors thought I was having a heartattack or cardiac problems, to many to recall.
I would not be able to move without the meds, cant lift my arms in the mornings & my fingers have joined in. Actually its the pain in my fingers that are waking me up.
You doctor is not doing his job, if you are still in that much pain he should have recommended you to a good PM, you should really make an appointment or call & tell him how bad you are, how it is interfering with your life & you area worried of having nothing to take for the pain, so can he suggest a doctor that could help you.
If I am to understand correctly even with the procedure you may need something for pain. My doctor put it this way, this will cut down the pain but may no take it entirly away. So the goal is to cut back on the meds if it works.
May I ask what reactions you had to the epidurals? I probably shouldnt, have it scheduled wed. & hate anything like that. Tracker will be at the PMs wed to, how funny is that. She is a sweetheart Mary & you will like chatting with her.
Please go the PM board & let them advise you, there is no reason you should worry about suffering. As for families dealing with this, well all of us understand, our families have been through the same. You will find alot of support on the PM board. Take care & I hope to see you on the other board, dont want to think of you suffering. Sammy