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Re: Happy 4th

Hi Cheryl , Janet, and Everyone,

Hope you all had a happy fourth! I always used to go watch fireworks when I was younger, but now I stay home and comfort my dogs. They really freak out with all the noise, especially my border collie, Maggie. She gets so scared she shakes and eventually tries to get in bed with me. Poor baby. Next year I am going to give her something to calm her down! I was actually surprised that the county that I live in allowed fireworks this year, considering all the fires in California. The one in Big Sur is really bad.

Question for all of you........for those of you who have a dropped foot, does your foot ever get swollen??? Lately my left (dropped) foot and ankle get swollen. I have never had this problem in my entire life. My foot also gets really red, almost purple, when I get out of my shower, or out of my hot tub too. I know that edema is caused by leaky vessels, but I am wondering why this is happening to my dropped foot.....maybe because my muscles aren't working anymore? I would like to know if any of you have swollen feet, and what you do about it.

Hot here in California.....we are headed for triple digits soon. Hot days are good for staying in and watching movies! Hope all is well with everyone.

Hugs ,