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Re: Happy 4th

hi carolyn,janet,and everybody..i have a Bichon dog,and she kept barking at all the noises,the fireworks,so i thought i'd take her outside on the deck so she could see the lights in the sky,and nope,she's more a bad *** inside the house,lol..i was holding her in my arms and she was shaking so we came back inside..she's my little baby girl..

Carolyn,i've never had my dropped foot turn purple or get swollen like that,but that dont mean others dont have that happen though...its usually the ankle area,times when it looked swollen,but doesnt happen much,which i'm surprised for as much as i'm on my foot is always colder than the other foot,but even then doesnt look least not that i've ever noticed anyway..have read those with the polio foot,can turn purple though,just never saw that mine went to that extreme though..which is from poor blood dropped foot came with the polio,never knew it could happen later on,like yours is...and too,i had that triple arthrodesis surgery done on my dropped foot,so its just so stabilized and stiff that it dont move much in any direction at all..i have to protect that foot at all times..when someone is playing with my dog around me,and if that foot gets hit,it causes
me great pain..if someone trips over my foot or hits that foot in any way,it causes me great pain..when i'm laying down on the couch relaxing,and you know how some people just plop down on the couch,i get freaked out because if they landed on that foot,they could so easily just break it..i get freaked out when anyone is close to that foot because i know accidents can
happen..i cannot even walk on that foot without a shoe on,even inside the house because that foot is so sensitive and tender..whenever i get home from work,i take my tennis shoes off,and put on slip on shoes,or a light canvas tennis shoes,and many times you'd see me walking around the house,with one shoe on and one shoe since i'm having so much pain
in both feet,i have to have shoes on both feet...but that polio foot,i baby with my dear life and have all my life..

well guys i hope you're all doing well...cheryl