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Empty Nester, Menopause, and Depression

Hello all,

Haven't posted on Healthboards for awhile now. The last time I did was over in the asthma/gerd section when my granddaughter was desperately ill at the time. Well, she's sooo much better now after battling what we first thought was untreatable asthma, but turned out to be gerd which was aggravating the asthma. After getting the gerd under control, her asthma has improved dramatically. Now since we're over the hump as far as her health is concerned, she and her mom have now moved out into their own place, and I am miserable. My daughter and I do not see eye-to-eye where her boyfriend is concerned, and now my granddaughter is at the age where everything granny says and does annoys her, but she seems to ADORE her great grandmother on her grandfather's side (go figure). Sooo, after all of these years of being there for them, they've literally moved on, while at the same time, I'm lucky if they can manage to call me once a day. I've struggled with depression for sometime now, after losing my mom suddenly in 1996, and started taking Zoloft when they moved out the first time about a year or two ago. I knew this day would eventually come back, but when a lot of women would be happy for the newfound freedom, I sometimes think I'm going crazy from the sadness of being alone. I do work and get along famously with my co-workers, but get really sad on the weekends. My daughter invites me over all the time, but I don't want to be a burden. So I'm at home with the ONLY joy in my life, my 100 lb. black lab, Bailey If it weren't for him, I don't know what I'd do right now. I didn't think it was possible to love a dog the way I love him. He's always there for me.

Anyway, I've started back on my 25 mg. of Zoloft (I hate the fact that I'm not strong enough to beat this on my own), but I think I'll start taking 50 mg. again as I did in the past because the 25 mg. doesn't seem to be helping.

Hopefully, the Zoloft will start kicking in reaaal soon, lol. This is my story, *edited*
Thanks in advance, and I hope and pray that all of us with this awful disease (is it a disease?) will eventually find peace and happiness.

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