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Re: im scared to death i have als please help help!!!!!!

Let me ask you....are you on any medications? Prescription or over the counter?? Medications can give you benign muscle fasiculations. I had muscle twitches for a year. I was freaked out. I went the neuroligist. She ran 3 tests. They were all negative. She realized that I was on sudefed for my sinuses (allergies) for so long that I developed muscle twitches. Sudefed can give you muscle twitches. I couldn't even sleep they were that bad. I have been off sudefed 2 months now, and they went completely away. If I get a twitch it is just a normal random one. But before they drove me crazy. Don't panic! It will only make you more tense. Let me know if you are on something that could cause this. If you have a good doc they should know this kind of stuff. Good luck! You will be ok!