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Red face Re: Happy 4th

Cheryl and Janet,

Cheryl - thanks for sharing about your dropped foot, and also about the PPS wall. I am so sorry your foot is painful. Mine is just like a muscle strength. I can wiggle toes a bit and move my foot to the right, but that's it. It doesn't give me pain. The only pain I have is muscle spasms in the morning, and cramps, in both legs. Sometimes I get a cramp in my neck muscles, especially when I yawn....weird, and scary....makes me worry about future difficulties swallowing, which I pray doesn't happen. Ever happen to you or anyone else? I am not nearly on my feet as much as you are, yet my foot still is swollen. That little scary ALS voice comes popping up when my symptoms are not like yours.

A friend of mine in Elk Grove lost her father to ALS two years ago. She is getting a team together and we are walking for ALS. It is an annual walk to raise money for the ALS Foundation. I guess the walks happen all over the country. I am going to participate this year (in October) and bring my scooter and "walk" with her team in honor of her father.

Looks like we are in for a heat wave in the Central Valley in California. It is supposed to be 106 degrees......yikes!! Looks like it is going to be either staying inside and reading, watching movies, or going to the movies where it is cool.

Wishing you all well. God Bless.

Love to all of you,