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Re: Happy 4th

hi carolyn,janet,and everybody...carolyn,i too, wouldnt worry if all your symptoms arent the same as others,cuz like janet says,everybody is affected foot pain is probably joint and arthritis..and i too cannot wiggle my toes,in fact,the doctor who did my EMG told me to bend my toes downward,told him i cant do that,so he bent them down for me so he could get a reading..just as the "polio feet",others turn purple,but my foot doesnt get big toe was fused and it drops lower than the rest of my toes too,so its easy to stub my toe on the floor if i dont have a shoe on,and could break that toe,which did happen to me as a kid..when do you see this new neurologist?...

oh Janet,i am so sorry to hear you've been getting weaker..i know you get your rest,and is that not helping?...have you heard anything on your PC?..i sure hope you get to feeling ya'll...cheryl