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Unhappy Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.


I've got severe back pain due to problems with facet joints and nerves being trapped after an accident at work. I have i.b.s, endometriosis which is currently being investigated via MRI to see if hysterectomy is necessary as we've tried all other treatments. This also means I can't have children which I'm really struggling to come to terms with. Recently have intense pain after urinating which is so bad had to double my morphine intake to 80mg per 12 hrs.
Going to see urology surgeon tomorrow to see what he can suggest as only way to combat pain without morphine is to have indwelling catheter.
Just moved house to bungalow to combat pain caused my climbing stairs and was hoping health would increase a bit but instead its got worse.
Getting really down about the kids issue and my quality of life in general plus the thoughts that surgery is looking certain. Could have to have hysterectomy , endometriosis removal and bladder surgery or removal at the same time which although I've had operations before is loads worse than something I've ever encountered before.
I realise people are a lot worse off than me but seems that I go one forward and two back all the time.
Really appreciate anyone who can relate to post reply. Thanks for reading this

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