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Re: Happy 4th

Hi I hope yall had a good holliday weekend, we sure did, it was fun now Amanda really liked the fireworks she is allmost 4 but mostly Nicole was just scared and get close to me.

I think its not just the PPS that make youre foot that way, I am only 24 and my polio foot is allways like that, when I take off my brace I still need to have a shoe on it or I will fall because it is just to floppy. I dont have much movement in any part of my leg but the foot is definetly worst.

Something I know yall will understand, when we went to the park for July 4 I wore shorts and thats a big deal for me because allways I hate for my brace be seen and people stare at me but this time I did it and it was ok. Later on Kevin's mom said Dana I'm very proud of you and I think you know why and I just hugged her and cried, she is so amazing she is the mom I never had.

I hope every one is doing ok with the PPS and all.