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Re: Happy 4th

Hello Dana, Cheryl, Janet,

Good to read your post Dana. I know how you feel about your brace showing. I was self-conscious about it at first too, but now I don't care. I have lots of pretty skirts that I used to wear to work, and I figured I would never wear them again, but no way! I wear them all the time, even if I don't work anymore. Glad you had fun on the fourth.

Thanks for sharing about your floppy foot. It's the pits. I used to get around OK, with the brace an all, but my left leg is pretty weak and my knee kinda gives out some. Right leg is getting weaker too, which I am really upset about. I can still manage to walk a little with forearm crutches, but get tired really easily. But, then I think.....why get upset when I have no control over this. I am just trying to make the best out of a not so great situation. Once I get my stair lift I will be much happier not having to climb my stairs. It is going to take 6-8 weeks! I may have to scoot up the stairs on my butt by then!! LOL!

I wrote to Dr. Bruno again with more questions. I asked him if he thinks that having a lumbar puncture, and a muscle and nerve biopsy will help with a diagnosis. I am anxious to hear his answers.

I see my new neurologist next Tuesday. I even bought him a copy of Dr. Bruno's book in hopes that he will read it!! I have lots to tell him. I have seen him once, two months ago, and now I am covered by my insurance to see him whenever I need to. When I saw him two months ago I didn't know about my childhood history around polio. He will get an earfull from me.

Janet, I am worried about you. I know what you are going through when you say you are getting too. I understand you are getting a power chair....when? Hope you have it by now. I don't know what I would do without my scooter.....wouldn't be able to go get my mail or "walk" my dogs, or shop.

Hot, hot, HOT here!! It is supposed to be 108 degrees in Sacramento on Wednesday! yikes! Guess I won't be going anywhere......air is yucky too because of so many fires still. Hope it is better where you are.

Bless all of you
With Love,