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Re: Adenomas/FNHs/Hemangiomas (x9)

hey there
ashley - glad to see you're still doing so good. loveley to hear from you ,

teganowl, my surgeon did leave the decision to me and when i eventually told him i wanted it out he said " thats the right decision"!! why didnt he just say that in the first place!!! they have to show you all options i suppose. my insurance were fine too.

katesela - oh boy ! your mum is obviously just really worried about you hun, as for the soy thing - i dont know as i do eat meat, but if your happy you can get all your nourishment from what you are eating, and a dietitian has said its ok then that cool. as for alcohol i stopped drinking 1 week before surgery. i wasnt really drinking much anyway but did have a "last supper" the week before surgery where i did drink far too much! excercise is fine as far as im aware just take it easy. mine did rupture and i have no idea why it did. You will be fine and get your mum to have a read on here if it makes her feel better. She is just worried about her little girl! My dad was the same.

hope you are all ok x x x

day 7 today no smokes!!!!!

nessie x x