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Re: Happy 4th

hi carolyn,janet,and dana...good to hear from you again dana...i too was always self conscious of wearing shorts,but not because of a brace since i havent been in a brace since i was a kid,but because of my leg being skinnier than the other leg...always felt like others would notice,so i just never wore shorts,and never wore dresses neither around people..i could never wear heels because of walking on the outer edge of my foot,my foot would turn on me,just as it does when walking on grass and un-even foot isnt "floppy" because of the triple arthrodesis,it is "stiff"...when i took over renting my daughter's house,i have a lot of steps to climb up to the deck to get to the front door,so i thought to avoid those steps,i'd be better off to walk around to the back of the house and go in thru the kitchen door,but that didnt work out for me cuz walking thru the yard and up a small hill,my foot was constantly turning over on me and couldnt get balance,that it was a struggle for me,and then my foot would be wore out by the time i got to the instead i have to climb all these steps now but use my cane to help me get up the steps...going to work in the mornings is real tough because its so dark outside and have no lights around those steps,scares me if i miss a step or if i just stumble,i'm going to fall down them steps...i have got to get some kinda lights for there but always forget,till i go to leave for work in the morning again...i use my cane like a blind person does,to tell me where the next step is before i step down..and too,because of such a stiff foot,i take steps one at a time,because it dont bend...

carolyn,i'm glad your appt. with your neurologist is soon,so let us know what happens when you see him...i'm anxious to hear what dr. bruno says to you too...

janet,i too am worried about you because you're not here like you usually are...we miss hearing from you,and i really hope you get to feeling better soon...well i hope everybody else is doing ya'll,cheryl