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Re: Adenomas/FNHs/Hemangiomas (x9)


Patricia, I am so glad to hear that you are through your surgery and on your way to recovery!!! How are you feeling?

Teganowl, I live in Tampa. Where have you gone for treatment/opinions? I ended up going to Univ. of Pittsburgh to be treated b/c I could not find a local Dr. that I was happy with. I'm happy to share any info. that you may want! U of Pitt. was amazing. They have a whole liver center there & did the very first liver transplant ever.

I am still feeling about the same -- searing pain when I breathe deeply, and pain when I wake up in the morning which seems to slowly get better as the day continues. (again, the "flatter" I end up when I sleep seems to make the pain worse) Overall though, I am feeling much better. My digestive issues are gone and my back spasms seems to be resolving as well. I am taking Advil for pain. Trying to stop researching on the internet & freaking myself out.

Katesela, my surgeon told me to stop drinking alcohol and taking aspirin/advil 2 weeks before surgery. Other than that, there were no restrictions. I think the purpose of that was because they can cause the blood to thin. Thinking of you here in FL...

Ashley, you are amazing...I am so happy to hear you are doing so well!

Nessie, congrats on day 7!!! keep it up!!! hope you are feeling better...

Beth, hope you are feeling better each day!

Juliet, how are you feeling?
Caliea, are you out there? How are you doing?
Katie, your holiday weekend sounds heavenly!