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Re: Adenomas/FNHs/Hemangiomas (x9)

Hello Friends,
Katesela, Your mom loves you and is just trying to protect you. ( I am a Mom of a 15 and 18 yr old) My doctor, the director of the liver transplant unit at University of Cincy, told me, you don't have liver disease, you have a tumor, so you are fine. I went to Napa Valley, CA, the week before my surgery and yes I did drink. Not to much, because I could not take any advil if I got a headache, but I drank. You can run, jump and everything normal up until the day of your surgery. Just no advil or aspirin 10 days before surgery for blood loss. Your surgeon will tell you what you can and can not do.
Patricia, so glad you are doing well.
Arlyn, did you ever call your doc about your breathing pains?
Nessie, so proud of you dear!
Juliet, hope you are feeling ok! Check in when you can! I will be putting new pictures up tonight.
Beth, I hope you are enjoying yourself and just so busy. Enjoy your time off.
Cailea, where are you love? Did I miss a post, or have you just not been around?
Tina, one day at a time, sounds like you have a lot of support there.
Linda, hugs to you!
Ashley, you sound so good! I am doing really well! My long weekend did me good and I am very happy to feeling so good. I realized something else. I no longer get heartburn since the surgery and I no longer wake up to go to the bathroom at night. I used to wake up 2-3 times a night and I haven't since surgery! I know they are very little things, but it is different and nice!
Teganowl, do you have surgery scheduled or are you still finding answers?
Well, busy day, have to run, you guys are the greatest!


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