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Re: Happy 4th

Carolyn and Cheryl, its good to know I am not the only one with these problems. Allways I wear slacks to cover my skinny leg and most of my brace, of course you can still see the part that attach to my shoe and the lift. My knee is very weak to, the only way I can walk without my brace is push back my leg with my hand to make my knee bend backwords. When I was 16 I did this for a whole year because I though the brace make me look like a freek, of course now I relize how bad I limp that way and my knee hurt all the time and my back to without the lift. And I fell alot. When I met Kevin he ask me about my leg and he said there must be something to help you walk better so I told him I have a brace and he said if it help you walk then you should wear it. I was soooooo scared what he think but he said it make me more beautiful to walk without pain and not to fall. Now with my girls I wear the brace allmost allways because I am afraid to fall while I hold them. It was a big thing for me to wear shorts like I did and I hope I have the nerve to do it more times, it gets very hot and humid here in GA. I have problems with stairs to, if theirs a railing on the left side I do ok but still I have to go very slow. We are looking for a house now and its hard to find one without stairs somewhere.