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Re: giving it another try

thank you for the kind words iwilldothis. today i have been 4 weeks without using and feel really good about it. I would love to give you advice about your tapering but I have to be honest I never had much luck in tapering down. I was addicted to oxycontin and anytime i had a plan to taper i would aquire a large amount and plan out a taper. executing the taper however was extremely difficult. Every time I would simply use in larger doses. I was never able to stop for more than three weeks or so. That was until I discovered suboxone. I know suboxone is a controversial subect on this board but I am a believer. after my first suboxone does I did not use for 3.5 months. Unfortuanetly I had a relapse for about a month and now have been clean again for a month. This time I really believe that I am on the path and feel stronger than ever. I just wanted to let you know my experience with tapering and my experience with addiction. good luck!!!! stay on this site, it has really helped me and I feel like it has been a great tool for my recovery.