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Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.


I just want to say one thing so we can continue with a post here, read all the sticky posts for this topic. OK? Want to do this right so we can communicate in one or two spots instead of a dozen.

I know its hard to stay upbeat with all your facing, your going in the right direction now, at least you've got a doc that is going forward. Try not to be too blue

You said your on thyroid meds in a different post, this will make you even more sensitive to pain, did you know that? So yes you've got a good reason to gripe, if it makes you feel better.

Do all you can to be good to yourself, your worth it!

When your in as much pain as you are it's hard to function, I do know that first hand. It takes everything you've got to just get through the day.

You more than likely are like I was with the endometriosis your body is making, I've heard that it's because we make more estrogens and this causes fibrous tissue growth. In your other post I talked about what nutrient helps that growth, I'm wondering if there's a chance for you to have children if you can stop the endo growth in your body. I bet from your previous surgery on this growing into your bladder, you also have some wild growth of scar tissue, this is very common. Scar tissue, endo., and pain. The nutrient we've been discussing helps with all of this, I'd give it a go and see if it helps. Tell your doc. about it also.

You said your doctor wants you to keep that chart of your input and out put of liquids, also keep one on your pain level, 1 being the least amount and 10being the worst. If you start that nutrient you'll be able to really tell if it's working with the pain chart.

I'm here for you and only wishing you the very best. Diana