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Re: How long for biopsy results? Lots of odd moles

Originally Posted by snbwcb View Post
I had a biopsy of two moles yesterday. How long do results take? The Dermotogist said that I had too many atypical moles to biopsy all of them so they just took the two worst. They cut the mole out and stitched it wtih two stitches. Does that signal they are very concerned about it? The moles are flat, very black, and peeling. I have blonde hair/blue eyes but my skin usually tans. They were concerned cause these moles are so dark and also have smeared borders and itch/peel. Does this sound like it might be melanoma?
I know at my Dermo's office it takes at least a week before they have any results. You did the right thing by having them checked out, now just keep your fingers crossed that everything turns out good!