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Re: Confused on test results

I just got done with a 24 hour EEG test to see if I was having any seizure activity and the test came back normal to my surprise. I've been having problem the past 6 months with an increase in seizures due to a pain in my right shoulder which seems to be triggering them. I've also had two back surgeries in the past eight years c/5c/6 and L4/L5 which doesn't help matters. I've been on seizures medication since the age of twelve due to a hit and run car accident I am 52 yrs old now and I'm taking topamax for the seizures,vicodone,celebrex and a flector pain patch for my right shoulder. I've lost over 50 pounds in 8 months and have side effects from the medication such as lack of sleep,lost of appetight,dizzy,week and just plain run down.
Oh yes, I've been out of work for 22 months an trying to get Social Security Disability.
My questions is has anybody else have this test done with these type of results knowing your having seizure activity and the test comes back normal.