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Re: Diagnostic bone and CT scans: worthwhile?

Originally Posted by IADT3since2000 View Post

If I had been facing your situation with a Gleason 7, I too would have wanted some additional evidence, and the endorectal MRI with spectroscopy would be one of the logical choices. It seems odd to me too that the doctor described your case as low risk.

Did your earlier doctor raise the possibility of an endorectal MRI with spectroscopy? .... Where was your endorectal MRI with spectroscopy done? How was the test? ....

Hi Jim-

As I mentioned, no tests were suggested by my urologists in advance of my
scheduled robotic surgery-- (prior to my discovering proton radiation).

A standard MRI is part of the battery of testing prior to proton radiation at University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville. I may be wrong, but I think that's because there's usually no problem shown, but if there were, the spectroscopic test is available. With higher risk patients, maybe a Gleason 8 or a high PSA (mine was 4), they'd start off with the spectroscopic test.

The more advanced MRI was not available last year at the facility for proton treatment, a standalone facility next to Shands Hospital-- but I think it's now available. I needed to go to the Mayo Clinic, only about 30 minutes away, in Jacksonville. The test itself was easily tolerated by me, partly because the Mayo Clinic was such a classy, patient-oriented facility and they treated me well and gave me warm blankets and the like...

Had the results of the spectroscopic MRI not turned out in my favor, I most likely would have just continued the course of radiation but likely added hormone shots, like Lupron, when I got home. I know you've had more than your share of that type of treatment, but you've done very well with it all.