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okay, i'm so glad to hear that i am not the only one going in circles. For 3 months they told me it was a liver abscess. Then FNH, today, pathology from the liver biospsy(that was fun!) declared it an adenoma. I'll tell you, I've read tons of articles on every one of these, and they say, that imaging cannot always differentiate. The liver biopsy will tell you for sure. I can elaborate on that if anyone needs me to in a future note. I'm so glad I had it done because if we had gone with what the CT's and MRI said, they would have been wrong-which is why i had 2 surgeries cancelled thanks to the astuteness of my surgeon. I will tell you that FNH has a central scar and has kupffer cells and biliary ducts. Adenoma doesn't. There are 2 types of adenoma in the liver: liver cell(hepatic) or bile duct. Mine happens to be from the liver cells. Seeing as I've been on a rollercoaster and was treated with megadoses of antiobiotic for abscess for nothing, I strongly advocate the biopsy. The thing is when you are going through it you have no idea how complicated it can be. I just trusted the scans for the diagnosis. I did the liver biopsy and today, two days later, the pain has subsided immensely.and mine was in a critical place-by the heart, lung and portal vessel. You have to have a really good radiologist that will hit the spot right! but the procedure is an in and out thing. At least you can rely on the accuracy of the diagnosis this way you can get on to the treatment.