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Re: Confused on test results

Hi there!Hmmmmmm I think I know what your test means....back in 1999 my EEG came back "abnormal" said I had bi-temporal slowing which the neurologist didn't quite have a diagnosis for(great,huh?).I too felt like things were slowing down and I would feel panicky about,because then I would get "visual changes" that were like flashing lines of light and that would go on for up to 30 minutes.He did put me on a "migraine diet" and gave me imitrex(spelling?).but I continued to have those "spells" for almost 3 years then they went away for 3 years and nowI just have them once in a great while.I have researched this and it seems to be associated with "hormone changes"....since I am now in menopause.So I don't know your age or situation,but I do know that certain foods are "triggers" for the seizure-like symptoms.Neurologist told me to stay away from MSG,yeast in cakes,ALL lunch meats with nitrates in them,whole milk,cheeses,peanut butter and all nuts.....well I hope you get some answers soon and also make sure you get enough rest!Migraines can cause abnormal EEGs ,but I never had any pain with my "episodes" last EEG came out normal,so I think that's strange....well I wish you the best....keep posting and let everyone know what the neuro says...I'm kind of interested in what you find out.......Scout