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Re: new MS specialist

Hi Beary, it's been a while! So far, they seem to have most likely ruled out lupus (I have a weird dna result, that actually tends to be positive with MS too), lyme (5 times tested negative for ELISA and western blot), neuropathy, ALS, leukodystrophy, brain problems, cancers, disc problems (a minor slipped disc in my neck was all), stenosis... I can't think of more, but that's a fair few things ruled out. MS is not ruled out or in so far. My spasticity seems to have progressed to the rest of my body, resulting in these seizure-like events (thats kind of what gathered from speaking to the neuro). As far as ON is concerned, I have near constant horrible pain in my right eye still with occasional blurriness. Additionally, I discovered using online tests, of all things, that I'm almost completely red-green colorblind. I can see both red and green, I just can't distinguish them well together, just like a colorblind man! The odd thing is, I've had glasses since I was 8, and I've never been color blind until now. The NO determined I had color vision loss in my affected eye, but now both eyes are r-g colorblind. Basically, the NO said symptomatically, my eye presents as ON, but once again, all the tests are clear. I can't express my frustration right now. I can no longer drive, I can't be left alone for a long time... what's going on here!? And I am waiting as patiently as possible to receive my service dog so I can be more independent, but its such a slow process I can't take it! Sorry for the rant.
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