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Re: new MS specialist

Oh boy, Wallis!!!!!! (((You need a hug!))) Listen, I have only ever recommended a doctor, not pushed, but I'm going to now for the first time! Please, please, if you need to see an NO again, I hope you go see the doctor I recommended to you! I can't guarantee that she'll give you a better clue but I really don't like the way NYU treated you. It was good you didn't get the guy I got but at least he had a visual field testing machine in his office! I really didn't want to alarm you but I thought your story about the visit was a little wacky. Sorry if I'm coming on strong but I HATE HATE HATE you being bounced around like this and flying back and forth so much!!!! (Your call, but please at least consider it.)

Could a "weird DNA result" be a clue??? COULD this be something genetic in origin and would it make sense for you to see a geneticist? Even something like an enzyme issue can be associated with a disease presenting itself like MS. I hope this is resolved soon, Wallis, and when it is, you are going to be an excellent candidate for the show "Mystery Diagnosis"!!! (I love that show -- honestly, it's opened up my eyes to a lot of things! )