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Re: new MS specialist

I love mystery diagnosis, and my friend and I have joked for years that I need to go one once someone figures this out! The DNA test is actually a lupus-specific test, but its supposed to be linked to a test called ANA. If the DNA is positive, the ANA is too, but for me, ANA is negative with positive DNA. I read that this has actually occurred in people with MS for some reason. I will definitely see if I can get in for a second opinion with the NO. I've forgotten the name, however, so if you could, might I have that information again? My dad jokes that I have "Wallis" disease since I clearly have something, but no one knows what! Hopefully the MS doc will have some ideas. I am getting a thoracic MRI next week since the last one got lost before being read, and probably the MS doc will want an LP. Thanks so much for your hugs and sympathy.