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Re: can b12 deficiency cause lightheadedness or dizzyness?

Hi yes vitamin b12 deficency can cause dizzyness and it can go that bad you are all over the place and will fall quite often, Your consantration go,s really bad and you can feel you have no engery and sleep alot, I have been diagnoised with vit b12 deficency 3 months ago, I am having injections now ive had 3 and next week i will go for blood test to see were my level is, Ive been told that when iam at the normal level, I will have to have b12 injection every 6 months and a test every year to make sure i do not go deficent again, At the same time ive been diagnoised with hash,s thyrodosis (under active thyroid) and just started levothyroxine 25 mg. on my 27th day now